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For more than 16 years, we have delighted customers with our exceptional Digital Players Club Product Suite. Whether you’re a large casino with grand ambitions or a smaller establishment aiming to make a big impact, our innovative Vegas casino-style marketing technologies are tailored to meet your unique needs. No client is ever too large or too small for us to provide the utmost satisfaction. Join us today and experience the winning difference! 


Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino

Laughlin, NV

The Riverside Resort in Laughlin Nevada has been using Casino Mail Online portal systems to deliver monthly direct mail offers to our paperless players, or players with email addresses, for nearly eight years. Over the years, the product has helped us reduce direct mail print and postage expense. The system has also been very reliable and has built a confidence level with our player base resulting in the thousands of paperless registrations plus newly captured email addresses consistently.

The Casino Mail Online email product has been extremely successful in increasing read rates to nearly 50% for some campaigns. Our previously underdeveloped email is now an extremely important component to our digital marketing strategy yielding nearly 1,100 hotel room bookings and RSVP’s monthly.

The Casino Mail Online team always provides excellent customer service, complete reporting, and timely resolutions when issues arise. I would recommend Casino Mail Online to any property who wishes to increase or include digital marketing to their campaign efforts.

Diana Fuchs

Marketing Director

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

In just a few months in my new position as Marketing Director at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel, working with Casino Mail Online, we have successfully reduced our direct mail expenses without decreasing our redemption rates. In fact, for some programs, we have even increased redemption by transitioning to digital methods. We have replaced many of our monthly direct mail programs with digital alternatives, saving money on printing and postage, while also providing players with easier access to view their offers and share additional digital contact information. Additionally, we have conducted e-mail and QR code testing to evaluate the effectiveness of filling our events without relying on direct mail. Casino Mail Online has been instrumental in facilitating these tests and has consistently provided excellent customer service.

They have been responsive even when presented with rush jobs. Through regular team meetings, we have developed a robust digital program that continues to expand, resulting in annual savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars on print and postage.

John Wickes

Director of Marketing