Casino Text Messaging

Capture – Create – Deploy – Evaluate

Text messaging made simple

Cost effective messaging solutions


Casino Mail Online portal systems are the best environment for capturing cell numbers and double opting your players in for text messaging. Our double opt-in system is fully compliant, fast, easy and user friendly.


Each month we will examine your marketing materials and create a suggested schedule for your approval. We have variable and static messaging capabilities. Casino Mail Online will include player ID’s, variable values, tiered rewards and name customization to your messages.


Casino Mail Online will send the messages based on the approved monthly schedule. We are used to working on short time frames and understand the need to react to the ever-changing casino environment. Send us your last-minute projects as needed and we will always get them out for you on time.

Delivering a message to your players directly to their handheld device is the most powerful of all communication methods and it is a privilege to have players cell phone numbers. Casino Mail Online understands the importance of meaningful, relevant, text messaging programs and knows how to build valuable programs that strengthen player relationships.