Online Casino Portal

Multi-channel-digital marketing for the Casino Industry


At Casino Mail Online we are experts in the design, launch and maintenance of responsive personalized web-based player portal systems. Your players will be able to view all their variable mail offers, create their next visit, RSVP for events, opt-in to receive text messages, e-mail, and to become paperless.

With our dynamic online casino portal, you can improve your communication methods, reduce paper and postage expenses.

Each time we update the sites with new information we notify your active player base by email or text message. Your digital base stays informed all the time!

Hence our casino management software is a full-fledged solution for your digital casinos.

Portal Features

100% Variable
Mail Content

Paperless Conversion

Online RSVP and bookings

E-Mail capture verification and cell number double opt ins

Online Surveys

Online Drawings

API Automated Services

Barcode Capable

Robust Reporting

Simple Games Online Scratch
and Win, Spin & Win, Pick a
Brief Case & Win

Contact Host

Offer Posting to Kiosk System

Available Portal Programs

New Member Program

Each new member receives a player site and a welcome e-mail inviting them to visit and opt-in to become paperless and to receive text messages.

Birthday Program

E-mail players Happy birthday and post birthday reward to the player site system.

Update Notification E-mail

E-mail players when the main monthly mail content update is done for the month.

Marketing Material for the Product Launch

Casino Mail Online will create a uniform product launch marketing message that can be used across all media channels. You will be able to use this message on your website, e-mail campaigns and print media campaigns.

Players will be invited to visit their player site, opt-in for digital communication and register to be a green paperless user. Casino Mail Online will provide launch materials that are easily understood, uniform and applicable to your various communication channels.

Go Green Registration

10% to 20% of players opt-in to be paperless. Your best players will opt-in first. Your regular players  know how to get all their rewards without the mail.

online casino portal
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