Casino Drawings

Engaging – Motivating – Productive

Increase player engagement with online drawings

Players can visit their portal site to gain entries to monthly drawings. The Casino Mail Online drawings attract players to the player sites and create trips to the casino. When players visit to enter the drawing, they are prompted to opt-in to become paperless, opt-in for text messaging and provide their e-mail address. Players earn points for drawings by logging in daily. One entry per day.

How it Works

Drawing rules are posted in a page on the player sites so players know exactly how the drawing works, how to gain entries and how they will be notified that they have won. Drawing periods run from month-to-month with winners being announced at the beginning of each month. Drawings can be held on property or winners can be notified via e-mail or text. Drawing winners can also be randomly generated by the Casino Mail Online random number generator or by any method preferred by the casino.

Drawing Prize Ideas

  • Dinner and room date night for two
  • Cash prizes ranging for $100 to $1000 depending on the size of the property.
  • Food offers
  • Free buffet meals
  • Free play
  • Entertainment admission
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