E-mail Append

Acquire – Communicate – Enhance

Increase Your Digital Reach

Boost communication with your player base

Appending e-mails to player accounts by matching their address to an active e-mail address is an effective way to get up to 80% of your players base populated with an active, verified e-mail address so you can reach your players through e-mail. Appending your data with e-mail addresses will increase your digital reach, re-activate players, help to obtain digital information and promote additional trips to the property.

How it works

E-mail addresses are obtained based on a process that involves matching addresses to valid available e-mail addresses that exist in national data warehouses. Data warehouses utilize different recourses including credit reporting agencies, social media providers, retailers, and other industry resources to obtain their data. To increase the percentage of e-mail addresses that are available matches to your address files, data should be sourced from several warehouses.

Data matching can be a cumbersome, confusing, time consuming process. The Casino Mail Online data management team makes it easy to get the e-mail addresses you need.

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