Data Capture

Capture – Validate – Return

Build your digital base

100% verified and accurate data capture

Casino Mail Online can help you capture and validate the e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers and paperless registrations that you need to build your digital base. Reduce direct mail cost and obtain the digital information you need to save valuable marketing expense and improve your customer experience at the same time.


  • E-mail capture
  • Cell double opt-in
  • Paperless registration
  • Update contact information
  • 100% verified and accurate


With fast changing market conditions digital communication is more accepted as a viable method of communication creating an urgency within the industry to opt players in to become paperless, capture e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers, and update their contact information.


The Casino Mail Online capture systems are designed to validate e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers as players provide their digital information. Players must complete the double opt-in process on their mobile device and read their email before the information is returned to the casino.

All data is returned with player ID’s

Information captured in the portal or in our stand-alone systems will be returned with player ID’s. Players are required to identify themselves before they can submit information to any of our systems.


Casino Mail Online will provide a digital record of captured information so that you know when, how and where double opt-ins are facilitated. These digital records ensure that you are compliant and following industry guidelines.


Any information captured by our systems belongs solely to the property we represent. The information we capture is not sold, traded, or used for marketing in any form. No personal information is available to users using our systems.