API Services

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Casino Mail Online API Services

Automate workflow

With the Casino Mail Online API interface we can receive your information and send information to your system automatically.

When cell phone records, e-mail addresses, paperless registrations and other valuable information are captured in the player portal system, we can send you the information automatically with our API interface reducing workflow in the marketing department while ensuring accuracy and creating efficiency for your casino marketing team.

If your player tracking system has an API interface, we can receive information automatically from your casino tracking system including player points, statistics and new members enrollments.

API use cases include

  • Post new members as they enroll for a player’s card and a players site will be created automatically and an e-mail will be sent welcoming the player to log in and opt-in to go green, receive e-mail and text messages.
  • Post player points, points to next tier, comp dollars directly to the players sites. Players can keep real-time track of their points as they earn rewards.
  • Information captured in the portal system, including double opt-in cell numbers, e-mail addresses and paperless registrations can be posted to the casino automatically.
  • When players cross over a prescribed threshold like jumping to a higher tier or player card level you can post the information to us and we will post an offer to the player site system and notify the player with a text or e-mail that an offer is waiting.

Automated processes are available, and the possibilities are only hindered by our imaginations. Please bring your ideas for automated practices to us and we will set them in motion.