At Casino Mail Online we are experts in designing, launching, and maintaining personalized player web sites, AKA PURL sites, Portal systems, player accounts, where your players can retrieve all of their mail offers, promotional information, player points and more on their computers and mobile devices. We have proven systems that will reduce your direct mail expense and provide measurable ROI.  

Our player site systems are designed to build a base of players through an opt-in process that respond exclusively to paperless communication so you can greatly reduce your direct mail expense. Players can RSVP for events and create their next visit through their site. Our system also captures e-mail, cell phone numbers, and any other information you need.  

Players will be able to access their player site by clicking a button on your main website, responding to invitations in your direct mail and by reading their e-mail.  

Over the years Casino Mail Online has deployed millions of e-mails and hundreds of thousands of text messages for the casino industry making us a leader in the industry.  

Our digital products are super inexpensive, easy to implement and requires no work on the part of management except for the proofing of monthly content.

10 years of casino specialization in Las Vegas and Indian gaming organizations.
No Contract – Month-to-Month
No casino too large or small.
We have many references.